The optimum performance AUTOMATIC WATER STILL,
with its proven features & stylish design



            FTAWS series




These advanced FTAWS and FTWD models are openly recognized by our
worldwide end-users as the most suitable & highefficiency equipment for
a large variety of laboratory, chemical test, rinse or washing water for all sorts
of glass wares, biological test-condition which needs no impurities,
fundamental water (inlet water) for ultra purification system, autoclave and
environmental cabinet.

* This advanced Automatic Water Still, Water Distillers and Automatic Double Water Still
   produces and reserves distilled water on the important basis of high-effectiveness
   automated mechanism.
* With its up-to-date design and practically large-sized storage
   reservoir, this superior equipment offers exceptional value for end-users.
* It is very easy and safe to operate this advanced distillation system with every advanced
  device such as circuit breaker for overflow of electricity and electric leakage with
  overheating protection device.
* With high-efficiency prefilter, it successfully filters impurities as the first procedure of
  distillation and this feature presents long life of this advanced equipment to every end-user.



                                    Automatic Water Still(with the storage tank)






  4 Liter/hr

  8 Liter/hr

  12 Liter/hr


  3 kw

  6 kw

  9 kw

Cooling Water

  40 Liter

  70 Liter

  90 Liter


                               750 x 395 x 640 mm

Storage Tank

                                        20 Liter


(in): Stainless Steel(Boiler & Stroge Tank)


(ex): Steel Plate with powder coating

Safety Device

Over Temperature Limit/Over Current Glass Fuse


Water Float Level Sensor/Water Supply Cut Off

Supply Voltage

AC 230V,50/60Hz(AC 110V,50/60Hz: Option)