The high-performance CO2  INCUBATOR
with its advanced features & stylish design




 Setting Value is shown on the LCD.
Operating status is shown on the LED.
Water Jacket that can ve kept TEMP well.
Infra-red Sensor (Exact nondispersive Dual Beam)
Standard size (Various use purpose)
Double Stack (Saving space)
Round corner manage for protection of pollution.
Safety device (Gas Monitor, Protector for Overheat, Water Level Alarm





   Temperature Control

Digital PID Controller

    Temperature Range

Amb±5℃ to 50°C ±0.1℃ at 37°C

               CO2 Range

0 to 20 %, ±0.1% at 5%

               CO2 Sensor

Dual-Beam Non disporslvo Infra-red sensor


Up to 96% RH at 37°C


Dual Display, Set-LCD & Run-LED


(in): 510 x 480 x 705mm(WxDxH)


(ex): 605 x 610 x 990 mm(WxDxH)


173 Liter


(in): Stainless Steel Plate


(ex): Steel Plate with powder coating

   Water Jacket Volume

34 Liter


Double, Silicone magnetic packing door

                 Inner door

Safety glass door with U-groove packing

               Door Heater

Silicone Heater Independent control


3 ea, Stainless steel plate(Adjustable type)

             Safety device

High Temp. protector, Gas monitor alarm


Water level monitor, Power breaker.


Sample port, access hole, drain port

                Net Weight

98 kg


220V, 1.2A, 60Hz



Two stage Regulator

CO2 Bomb

CO2 Analyzer

O2 Analyzer

Two Stage Regulator

 CO2 Analyzer